For over 21 years I've been creating

content of various types, from print to video, anything is possible. With 3D, some things that seem not possible, can now become real. What can we create together?

What's in your MindsEye?

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I've welded at a few places over a 20 year time frame, but this was the last place I worked as a Steel Worker!


Caldwell Tank In Louisville Ky. One big Louisville Slugger....


Photo is by me as well...


I Sepnt a few years at Toyota.


Started out in Power train 4 Cyl then transfered to the Con/Rod Piston line in the Machining Dept. I ended my time there on the V6 assymbly line.


They were putting the big ol bat downtown the day I started at Toyota!



In the late 80's and early 90's I served in the US Navy as an Aviation Electrician. I worked on Auto Pilot systems among other electrical systems and wiring. My primary squadron was VP 69 with the P3 Orion. I also worked "I" Level Maintenance with NAS Whidbey Is. AIMD.



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